New Delhi | Jagran Trending Desk: From coronavirus pandemic to floods to earthquakes to cyclones, mankind has faced a lot of trouble in the year 2020, making it one of the worst years. People across the world are praying for all the troubles to end so that humanity can start its normal life again. However, if you feel that the worst of 2020 is over then you are wrong as scientists and researchers have discovered a massive sunspot that will soon turn towards Earth and could result in major strong flares.

According to a report by, the sunspot AR2770, which was captured by an astronomer Martin Wise from Florida’s Trenton in the United States of America (USA), is expected to grow larger and will soon turn towards the Earth which might affect electrical operations and facilities greatly of the planet.

If this sunspot grew up to 50,000 kilometres in diameter, then it will turn into solar flares which may lead to solar flares. The strong solar storm will cause “fluctuations of electrical currents in space and energize electrons and protons trapped in Earth's varying magnetic field”, reported National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), adding that it can severely affect radio communications, Global Positioning Systems (GPS) connectivity, power grids, and satellites.

What is a sunspot?

According to researchers, the sunspot is a dark area on the Sun which appear as spots darker than the surrounding areas. Caused by “concentrations of magnetic field flux that inhibit convection”, sunspots have the ability to “expand and contract as while moving across the surface of the Sun” and this can lead to irregularities in its magnetic fields. These sunspots can travel at relative speeds or proper motions and are also known as ‘solar activity’.

What is a solar flare?

As per scientists, solar flares are a sudden flash of increased brightness on the Sun which occurs due to the changes in the magnetic field and can lead to a huge explosion. They have the ability to affect all layers of the solar atmosphere -- photosphere, chromosphere, and corona. Researchers say that a solar flare’s explosion can have energy up to a trillion ‘Little boy’ atomic bomb which was dropped by the USA on Japan’s Hiroshima and Nagasaki during the second world war in 1945.

Posted By: Aalok Sensharma