New Delhi | Jagran Trending Desk: A solar storm which was earlier expected to hit the earth between intervening hours of Sunday night an Monday morning, is now likely to hit the blue planet on Tuesday. The storm can also lead to a blackout of high-frequency radio communication for as long as a couple of hours, reports have suggested.

The solar flare, flowing from an equatorial hole in the sun’s atmosphere that was first detected on July 3, can travel at a maximum speed of 500 km/second, reported.
The satellites in the Earth’s upper atmosphere are also likely to get impacted by the solar waves forecasted to hit the Earth. This may directly impact GPS navigation, mobile phone signal and satellite TV. Power grids can also be hit by solar flares, NASA said.

"THE SOLAR WIND IS COMING: Later today, a high-speed stream of solar wind is expected to hit Earth's magnetic field. Flowing from an equatorial hole in the sun's atmosphere, wind speeds could top 500 km/s. Full-fledged geomagnetic storms are unlikely, but lesser geomagnetic unrest could spark high latitude auroras," reported.

According to, the solar flare, flowing from an equatorial hole in the sun’s atmosphere, was first detected on July 3.

As per NASA, solar storms can last only a few minutes to several hours but the affects of geomagnetic storms can linger in the Earth’s magnetosphere and atmosphere for days to weeks.

Historically, solar storms have been known to throw the parts of world into a system of confusion and chaos where public navigation and communication becomes difficult.

Posted By: Mukul Sharma