New Delhi | Jagran Trending News: Earth's neighbouring planet, Mars, is as fascinating as the thought that we could live on the red planet one day. In this month the red planet will continue to treat the skygazers as it will remain clearly visible throughout the month, but October 13 have a special appearance scheduled from Mars.

After coming closest to the Earth on October 6, the glimmering red planet will now be at its brightest on October 13. And what's more fascinating is that the red planet will not appear this bright until 2035.

The Mars will be at its brightest on October 13 is because the red planet will be at opposition, which means that the planet is directly opposite to the Sun in the sky, and the Earth will be in middle between the two.

If you look through a telescope, Mars will be at its maximum apparent size on October 13, despite the fact that Mars and Earth were at their closest -- approx 62 million kilometres -- away from the Earth on October 6.

Meanwhile, this year's opposition will also be a special one because Mars will also come at a point in its elliptical orbit that is closest to the Sun, called the Perihelion. The glimmering planet reached this point in its orbit on August 3 and has been moving away since then.

When and How to see the Red Planet?

The skygazers living in the northern hemisphere will be in a great position to witness the glimmering red planet in the sky. However, anyone can watch Mars depending upon the clear sky. You can watch the streak of the planet across the Earth's skies without the need of a telescope.

You just have to step outside and have to look east. The red planet will be easy to spot as it is the brightest object in the night sky appearing as a campfire-orange star. At midnight, Mars will rise high towards the southern hemisphere.

Posted By: Talib Khan