Jagran Trending Desk: Creativity has no limits. Proved best by the man who used a vacuum cleaner to remove excess pepper from the egg, this rare experiment caught the attention of many netizens and left them amazed.
A Twitter user posted a video on the microblogging site that saw him using vacuum cleaner to dispose off the extra pepper from his meal in a video. However, the bizarre experiment went awry when the excessive pressure exerted by the vacuum cleaner sucked the entire egg into itself!

Check out the viral video here:

As the video caught the attention of internet users, one of the users advised, “Just add more egg,” in the comments.
Another one expressed shock and wrote, “I actually thought this was a good idea till then end.”
Another one having experienced this bizarre experiment said, “Went from saying this is visionary to dumb in like a 5 sec.”

One of the absolutely gobsmacked netizen suggested that he could have taken an easier way to get a better result.

“The spoon you could have used,” one user commented.

In the comment section of the video which garnered around 7.4 million views,  there was an outpouring reaction by the users with laughing emojis and clearly this 'hack' left a mark on the minds of the users. 
The creativity levels of people stuck in lockdown have shot up increasingly trying to come up with unusual hacks and fixes around the world. Many of those interesting hacks have also cracked our funny bones. Especially, in India where all hail to the need of ‘Jugaads’, people have taken up new ways to start practicing social distancing norms and to give online classes to students in the past few months. 

Posted By: Simran Babbar