New Delhi | Jagran News Desk: In a shocking video, a man in Uttar Pradesh was seen pulling off a dangerous stunt in his moving car after which the UP Police 'rewarded him with a challan and shared his video on their official Twitter handle. In the dangerous video, the man, identified as Ujjwal Yadav, can be seen performing push-ups on the roof of his moving car.

Shortly after the video went viral on social media platforms, the UP police posted the video on their Twitter handle and conveyed that the dangerous stunt is a punishable offence. "Some push-ups will only bring you down in the eyes of law. Stay Strong, Stay Safe," the UP Police wrote on Twitter while sharing the video.

In the 40-second video, Ujjwal Yadav can be seen driving his SUV car, then he opened the gate of the driving seat and climbed up on the roof of the car. He can later be seen doing push-ups on the roof of the car. The video later UP Police officials saying "Performing stunts while driving is a punishable offence. It can be harmful to you and others around you."

The violator, Ujjwal Yadav, can also be seen apologising for his dangerous stunt and promising that he will never perform these types of stunts in future. "My name is Ujjwal Yadav. I made a dangerous video with this car. I will never do this again in the future," Ujjwal said in the video.

Watch the video here

The UP Police's video rewarding the violator with a challan was lauded by the netizens. Many social media users commented applauding the UP Police, while many also complained of similar incidents happening in their locality.

"UP police nailed it?????? 3 bows for ur work ???????????? keep it up", a user wrote. "These ppl should deserve punishment. Even in my street boys ride bikes at very high speed & honk. But no action", another shared.

Posted By: Talibuddin Khan