New Delhi | Jagran Trending Desk: Farah Khan’s directorial debut in ‘Main Hoon Na’ is remembered for Shah Rukh Khan’s high neck outfit, Sushmita Sen’s classroom endeavours, a chartbuster music and wholesome quantities of entertainment on top of everything. The end credits of the film were also as unique as film’s plot and plot’s filmography featuring an entire song in it; ‘Yeh Fizaayein’.

In a recent finding from an avid cinephile on Internet that has gone viral, a man is seen reading a newspaper in the end credits featuring Suniel Shetty. A picture of that particular article headlined ‘Suniel Shetty’ has gone viral on Internet. If you’re wondering why then hold your stomach as you are just a few seconds away from laughing out loud.

Well, the writer was simply frustrated when given the task of filling up the space in the dummy newspaper. The text on the dummy newspaper reads as following.

“Raghavan was a well-known anti-Islamic militant. I seriously don't know why I am typing this because no one is going to be able to read this through the camera but I guess I have no choice. You see the thing is that the colours don’t seem to match so I basically have to type this whole thing out. I am thinking of handing over this honourable job to my two hardworking colleagues, Vikram Gupta and Vaibhav Misra.”

A Reddit user made the discovery and posted a picture of the dummy article on the platform last month.

Read the hilarious comments by Twitter users on this ‘Main Hoon Na’ finding of internet era.

Main Hoon Na is the film which constitutes a section of the volume of Shah Rukh Khan’s domination on and off the box office in 2000s. The 2004-released film received 12 nominations and 50th filmfare awards and was the second highest grossing Indian film of 2004, next just to Veer-Zaara (also a Shah Rukh Khan-starrer) at the total collection of 84 Crore.

Posted By: Mukul Sharma