New Delhi | Jagran Trending Desk: Mother's love for their child is unconditional and no one can match that. Proving that right, a mother from Madhya Pradesh saved his son from a Leopard. Yes! a leopard by chasing it for almost a kilometer.

In the chase, the leopard attacked the mother twice. If you want to know exactly what happened? Let us tell you the tale.

Kiran Baiga of a Baiga tribal family in Barijharia village under Tamsar Range Madhya Pradesh was sitting with three children by lighting a bonfire in front of the house at 7 pm on Sunday evening to get some warmth from the fire. While they were sitting, suddenly a leopard came from behind and ran towards the forest after snatching Kiran's 8-year-old son Rahul in its mouth.

After covering a distance of about a kilometer, the leopard stopped at a place in the forest and sat down holding the child with its claws. And at that time, Kiran drove her courage and managed to free the child from the leopard's claws after the struggle. She then wrapped the 8-year-old in her arms and ran away.

Just after the leopard released the child, it attacked again for the second time, and she grabbed his paw and pushed it hard. By then the people of the village also reached and seeing the crowd of people coming, the leopard ran away.

The mother of 8-year-old fainted and was taken to the nearest hospital in the village immediately. The injured is being treated at the Community Health Center Kusmi. Their condition is stated to be fine. Let us inform you this is not the first, but earlier also a similar incident has been reported in Barijharia village under Tamsar Range, buffer zone of Sanjay Tiger Reserve, constant attacks by an animal have created a panic in the tribal people residing in the area.

Kiran who showed her strength to fight the Leopard said, "we live in the buffer zone of Sanjay Tiger Reserve, such incidents happen every day, often we keep calling leopards or meeting bears, to save our lives run away. After this incident, the fear has become more and more."

"We were heating the fire. Soon the leopard took away the son. After chasing saved the son from the leopard. The son is injured and is being treated in the hospital," said Asim Bhuria, Ranger Sanjay Tiger Reserve Tamsar.

Posted By: Ashita Singh