'Login Kab Ka Hai': Bengaluru Auto Driver To Passenger Stuck In Traffic Jam

The auto driver informed the passenger that he had to refill CNG. Later he got stuck in a traffic jam at the peak Bangalore moment.

By Mallika Mehzabeen
Sun, 19 Jun 2022 10:45 AM IST
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'Login Kab Ka Hai': Bengaluru Auto Driver To Passenger Stuck In Traffic Jam
Image Credit: ANI (Representational image)

New Delhi | Jagran Trending Desk: Bengaluru also known as 'The Silicon Valley of India' is famous for startup enthusiasts. People living in the city run from pillar to post for their work-life, and everyone knows how jobs work in the city. Recently an auto driver surprised his passenger when he asked 'Login Kab Ka Hai'.

As per media reports, the passenger booked the ride, and the driver informed the passenger that he had to get a refill at the CNG station. Later, when the passenger agreed, the auto driver got stuck in a huge jam at the peak Bangalore moment.

The passenger later told the three-wheeler driver that he is getting late, and in return, the driver asked the passenger 'Login Kabka Hai'

"As soon as I board my morning auto to work, my riding partner tells me we’ll have to stop for CNG on the way. I was fine with it, so we started the ride. After the mad traffic on the way, I asked him to drive straight to the drop location because I was late," the passenger said.

The auto driver asked him, "Login kabka hai?"

As soon as the post went viral on the internet, people took to the comment section and expressed their opinions.

One user wrote, "Check other states of India, they have well planned wide roads and traffic system, being a metropolitan city, silicon city, IT hub, all in all only on the names, show me one road in Bangalore have perfect road, I bit show me one, one means one. Don't show me white topping roads."

"Why you people are taking it so exited about this word Even auto drivers has more knowledge of using these words than IT people Note - There work may be physically different, but they are earning 2 times more that IT employees," commented another user.

Apart from that users also complained about traffic signals as it always makes them late to reach the office.

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