New Delhi | Jagran News Desk: 

Scientists from the European Space Agency along with the University of Padua and Bologna have studied the lava tube under the surface of the Moon, Mars and other planets that can help the astronauts to determine the size of the different worlds. In a study, scientists have examined the lava tubes under the surface of the celestial bodies and found that these tubes are a thousand times larger than those on earth. It is believed that these tubes can protect the astronauts from the harmful cosmic radiations.

Francesco Sauro, of the European Space Agency and Riccardo Pozzobon, a planetary geologist at the University of Padua estimated scale of the tunnels and found that the celestial bodies are 100ft wide and about 25 miles long. The size of these tunnels assures the possibility of life on these bodies. These lava tubes seemed more stable on Moon and Mars as they hold low gravity. Research also said, if Earth would have held such large tunnels it could collapse. However, several similar tubes have collapsed on earth. The scientists have also performed a comparing study on the caved tubes found on Earth and Moon.

According to the reports, the way these lava tubes appear on the surface of the Moon and Mars is similar to ones found on the Earth - particularly in Hawaii, Canary Islands and Australia. The research was taken forward by the satellite images and laser altimetry devices. Scientists said that this research allowed them to identify the relationship between collapsed tubes and cavities that are still intact.

Posted By: Srishti Goel