Kolkata | Jagran Trending Desk: In a bizarre incident, a man from Kolkata alleged that he was denied entry into one of the branches of the State Bank of India (SBI) because of his attire and was told to return in decent clothing. The man, identified as Ashish, shared his experience and grievance on Twitter. Since then, the tweet has gone viral and garnered support from many internet users.

Ashish, in his Twitter post, wrote that while entering the bank he was wearing a pair of shorts. He further alleged that the bank staff asked him to go back and return wearing “full pants" because customers were expected to “maintain decency". Ashish in his post tagged SBI handle and wrote, "Hey @TheOfficialSBI. Went to one of your branches today wearing shorts, was told that I needed to come back wearing full pants as the branch expects customers to "maintain decency".

"Is there some sort of official policy on what a customer can wear and cannot wear?" he added. Ashish also informed that a similar incident took place back in 2017 in Pune, where a man was not allowed to enter the bank as he was wearing Bermuda shorts.

After sharing the post on Twitter, it garnered 2,700 likes, and some people came out in support of the man while others supported SBI's decision. Commenting on the post, a Twitter user wrote, "Close your account and find a different bank" Another user commented, "Correct. One should go in formals, as it will be awkward for the rest of the customers."

Responding to Ashish's post, SBI also commented on the post and clarified that there's no policy or a prescribed dress code to enter the bank. The bank also asked the man to share the branch name in order to take the required action. Later, Ashish gave an update on the matter and wrote that the CM Admin of the region, Joy Chakraborty, visited his house and personally had a word with him in order to resolve the matter.

Posted By: Mallika Mehzabeen