New Delhi | Jagran Trending Desk: Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos is gearing up for his trip to space following his stepping down as Chief Executive Officer of one of the most valued companies of the world. Amazon founder may not be a direct business competitor of another silicon valley billionaire Elon Musk but their interest in space exploration has brought them together at least in the public eye.

This week, when celebrated author Eric Berger tweeted to appreciateJeff Bezos, the SpaceX Founder-CEO was quick to agree with him. Berger said in his tweet that while it would be easy to criticise the Amazon CEO for being late with his rocket engines or for not reaching the orbit in 20 years, he would still get an excellent score for his knowledge and appreciation of space history. "As easy as it is to dunk on Jeff Bezos for not reaching orbit in 20 years, or being late with his rocket engines, he gets an A+ for his knowledge of, and appreciation of space history," wrote Berger. To this, Elon Musk responded with one word: "True".

But where else do you get people pitting two accomplished individuals against each other if not on Twitter? That too with its memefest-driven virtual sense? In a Godzilla vs King Kong meme Godzilla is labelled as Jeff Bezos and King Kong is labelled as British billionaire Richard Branson, also set for a space trip before Bezos. This is followed by a sweet humble Doge, labeled as Elon Musk making a win-the-game push.

Responding to the meme, Elon Musk wrote: "But can I pay in Doge?,” referring to his favourite cryptocurrency, Dogecoin, which is among the most popular cryptocurrencies at present, mostly due to support stoked by Elon Musk’s tweets and memes shared by him.

Posted By: Mukul Sharma