New Delhi| Jagran Trending Desk: MLAs are often seen making headlines either for a statement or for other things. Recently, this MLA from Bihar is getting all the attention and is getting trolled for his actions. Janata Dal (United) MLA, Gopal Mandal is being heavily trolled on social media after he was spotted roaming in his undergarments while travelling on a train. Gopal Mandal later in an interview revealed the reason behind him roaming on the train in under wear.

What Exactly Happend?

MLA Gopal Mandal was travelling from Patna to New Delhi on the Tejas Rajdhani Express when this incident happened. Gopal Mandal boarded the train with his two acolyte and as the train crossed Dildarnagar the MLA reportedly removed his clothes and went to the washroom.


A fellow passenger who was travelling from the same train raised objection on the same but this MLA instead of waering his clothes, started arguing and abusing the passengers. The argument heated to level where Gopal Mandal even threatened to shoot those who raised objection. Later, after creating a scene, Gopal was transfered into another compartment by the RPF officials.

Meanwhile, in order to defend his actions Gopal gave an interview in which he said," I was only wearing the undergarments, I will not lie, there is no point in lying as I boarded the train my stomach got upset and I have to rush in the washroom."

The interview is doing rounds on the internet and netizens are crazily mocking him. One internet user commented, " didn’t know that roaming around in underwear cures an upset stomach," while other commented on his looks in a hilarious way and said, "This is the boss interview of boss interviews. The guy is wearing a turban and shades in an AC room. He's too cool for school types."

Later, Gopal Mandal's acolyte said, "Gopal Mandal can’t go to the washroom in his clothes because of his weight." What are your thoughts on this impudence of this MLA?

Posted By: Ashita Singh