New Delhi | Jagran Trending Desk: Indian Delicacies.. Ah very tempting and drool-worthy. Indian food is one of the most liked cuisines in the world. From spicy curries to soft breads world loves Indian food. So when an Italian food channel shared the recipe for 'Balloon Bread', it left our Indian food lovers confused. They describe 'Roti' with a fancy churned-up name Balloon bread and we Indians cannot keep our calm.

What happened?

An Italian media-owned food channel called Cookist shared the recipe of 'Balloon Bread' last week on its Facebook page. The page described Rotis as “Balloon bread: the perfect alternative to usual bread.” and the post reads, “Just mix flour, warm water, warm milk, oil, and dry yeast. The result will leave you speechless.”

Take a look at the picture here:

A Twitter user noticed the post and shared a screenshot of so-called Balloon bread. Sharing the photo the netizen wrote, " Excuse me What?".In the viral picture, a puffed-up Roti can be seen with a description that reads, "Balloon bread."

The picture since its upload has gone viral on Twitter.The tweet till now has garnered 22.5K Likes, several likes, and man retweets. Indian netizens can't stop themselves from reacting they are in splits and flooded the comment box with hilarious analogies.

Getting a little possessive about the Desi Roti a user wrote, "That is our ‘Roti" a second one wrote, "now they’ll patent it," while, “Wow, I am speechless," wrote a third.

A user went ahead in time to predict other made names for Indian food as she posted a list, "Roti: Balloon Bread, Rice: Mushy Grains, Daal: Warm grain juice, Achaar: Spicy Fruit," and other commented, “Wait until they try these delicious snow grains.”

The internet is divided on the fact that whether this should be marked as a crime because they are not ready for this name shenanigan. Meanwhile other commented, "U mean ROTI???? LMFAOOO balloon bread got it cuz no way."

Any thoughts on the So-called Balloon Bread? Do share with us.

Posted By: Ashita Singh