New Delhi | Jagran Trending News: The Wedding season this year has been spoiled by the Coronavirus crisis in a way that the world had not imagined. Amid the uncertainty of the pandemic, a hilarious whipped cream caption on a wedding cake has gone viral on the Internet, whose typo-induced chuckle is taking over the users quite incredibly.  

A Reddit user shared a hilarious heart chuckling creamed caption that has taken over the thread sharing platform by storm.

"This is why you hire professionals. My clients bought this from their local grocery store bakery... It's supposed to say "Wiser wedding". This will be their wedding horror story for sure," the user givemeathrowie wrote on the platform.

Why's there a wedding?😂😂😂 from r/weddingshaming

Users on Reddit dropped their reaction of humour, surprise and hilarity, with most of them left in splits as the question raised was depicting the best of Great Wedding Cake Faux that can happen.

“Who gets a cake that says “last name wedding” instead of their first names?,” wrote a user. “Maybe the grocery store decorator has jokes about pandemic weddings?,” anticipated the second. “Honestly, I think I'd find this just hilarious and get tonnes of photos with it and show it off to everyone!,” reacted the third.

’A meaningful philosophical quote’

Another user gave a quite unique perspective on the Cake Fox Reddit got so interested in. “All I can see is “Why’s Thou A Wedding?” which doesn’t make a lick of sense but sounds vaguely like a meaningful philosophical quote if you don’t really understand English,” the user wrote.

The last few months of the year are usually the ones when a whole lot of wedding ceremonies in India take place. However this year, due to Coronavirus crisis, the wedding planners and related people in the field (such as caterers and decorators) across the country are reeling under the challenges which the current pandemic has thrown upon them.

Posted By: Talib Khan