New Delhi | Jagran Trending Desk: Chhath Puja is celebrated by many, on the auspicious day devotees dip in holy river water and offer puja to the sun. As the festival of Chhath is underway, some shocking pictures and videos of devotees standing in toxic foam in the Yamuna River from the national capital have surfaced on the internet.

As people are celebrating the festival in the capital on Monday, toxic froth has surrounded the waters of the Yamuna where people offer their pooja. However, to tackle this situation Delhi Jal board has come with a solution to the problem.

Delhi Jal board's solution has left netizens to react with some sarcasm. News agency on Wednesday shared a video wherein a Jal board member was sprinkling water in the Yamuna to dissipate the toxic foam.

 Take a look at the video here: 

Posting the video on Twitter Ani quoted Ashok Kumar, Delhi Jal Board Employee, and commented, "We are sprinkling water in the Yamuna to dissipate toxic foam." Ever since the video has surfaced on social media, it got netizens confused over the solution.

The video has triggered many funny memes and a ton of sarcastic content on the microblogging website. Here check some of the funniest reactions:

One man sarcastically commented, "When you have to water a river," while the other wrote, "An on-point statement. Big brain moment! And how will dissipating toxic foam make the water any less dangerous?Next, they'll spray oxygen from oxygen cylinders in the air to disperse the smog."

A third internet user hilariously mocked the Delhi Jal Board over their solution and commented, "And i'm spraying oil on my puris to reduce their calories."

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Posted By: Ashita Singh