New Delhi | Trending Desk: Breaking all the stereotypes and overcoming obstacles and criticism, two dwarf sisters from Nagpada qualified NEET examination 2020. The Idrisi sisters- Zubaida(23), who is 3.5-foot tall and Humaira (22), who is 3.9— are from Nagpada, Mumbai. They have stunned people with their commendable hard work as they qualified in the year's medical entrance exam. Zubaida and Humaria managed to get admission after clearing the National Entrance Eligibility Test (NEET)- a national level exam conducts every year to recruit students in medical colleges.

Zubaida and Humaira live in Nagpada, Mumbai with their three siblings, father Ahsanullah, who is a tailor and mother Rukhsar, who is a homemaker. The two sisters gave all the credit of their success to their neighbour Ashfaque Moosa, who runs Khidmat Charitable Trust in their area. Zubaida and Humaira used to visit Ashfaque Bhaiya's (Idrisi sisters addresses Ashfaque out of love) dispensary (NGO) to take medicine for their grandmother.

Once, Ashfaque asked them about their studies and their interest in subjects. He then made them understand about the medical entrance exam and the special quotas offered by the government. As per a report published in Times Of India, Ashfaque jokingly said, “If a six-footer needs 600 marks in NEET to get into MBBS, you need less than half of that”. Later, the sisters learned about the special scholarships and reservations for 'differently-abled' people and their chances to get admission to the medical college.

Zubaida and Humaira then started preparing for NEET 2020. Their mother told Times Of India, “They got so involved in studies that I had to remind them about food,” says their mom. “They have made us proud.” "Ashfaque uncle hamari gudiyon ke liye farishta bankar aae (Ashfaque uncle came as an angel for my dolls)," Times Of India quoted the sisters' mother Rukhsar as saying.

The girls got admission in the renowned medical institutes. Humaira has got into Topiwala Nair Medical College at Mumbai Central and Zubaida at Government Medical College in Jalgaon.

Posted By: Srishti Goel