IndiGo Transports Heart From Vadodara To Mumbai In 2.5 Hours, Saves Patient's Life

IndiGo aircraft transport a live heart from Vadodara to Mumbai last week. The heart was transported with in 2.5 hours.

By Simran Srivastav
Mon, 13 Jun 2022 05:29 PM IST
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IndiGo Transports Heart From Vadodara To Mumbai In 2.5 Hours, Saves Patient's Life
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New Delhi | Jagran Trending Desk: Airlines transport many things around the world, but this airline transported a live organ last week. IndiGo airlines have been hitting the headlines because of their successful transportation of a live organ. The airlines last week successfully transported a donated heart and the heart was transported in 2.5 hours from Vadodara to Mumbai.

The transportation of a live heart was done to the Global Hospitals in Mumbai, from the operation theatre in Vadodara. The live heart was transported in two hours and twenty-two minutes. The heart transplant was successful and saved a life.

The CEO of IndiGo Ronojoy Dutta congratulated his team on their efforts. "We are honoured to support the team of Global Hospitals in transferring the live organ (heart), on time to the recipient through safe and efficient logistics. Every life is precious, and IndiGo appreciates the opportunity to have contributed to saving one. I would also like to congratulate our airport staff at Vadodara and Mumbai and crew members who contributed to this effort," Ronojoy Dutta was quoted as saying by PTI.

Anoop Lawrence, Senior GM Operations, Global Hospitals, also expressed his gratitude to IndiGo airlines for supporting them on short notice. "We take immense pride in partnering with IndiGo for safe, swift, and smooth transfers of organs to Mumbai. The IndiGo team always amazes us with their ever-ready attitude & preparedness to support us at any time of the day at such a short notice. We sincerely thank the team once again and eagerly look forward towards their continuous support forever!," Anoop Lawrence was quoted as saying by PTI.

On May 20, IndiGo airlines also helped to transport a pair of lungs from Pune to Hyderabad. IndiGo airlines were in the news last week as well when actress Pooja Hegde called out the airlines' staff for their rude behaviour.

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