New Delhi | Jagran Trending Desk: In-flight announcements by the crew are often ignored by passengers, however, Patna-bound IndiGo flight's attendant's message is garnering immense praise from netizens. Well, this all happened after a video went viral on social media platforms wherein the pilot is seen speaking in Bhojpuri.

Yes, you read that right, in the video captured by one of the passengers, an IndiFo's pilot is seen welcoming everyone in Bhojpuri. He announced, "We, the Indigo family welcome you all…captain Prateek is in cockpit…Marsi..Sonika, Yashee and Komal are in-charge of the crew.” He further added, “The flight is not fully loaded. There is less passenger on this route due to Diwali and Chatth puja. Passengers are more on the returning route.”

He further asked the passengers if they are understanding the language or should he speak in Hindi. One of the passengers Devendra N. Tiwari shared a video on his Twitter handle and wrote, "Thanks @IndiGo6E for giving due recognition to ‘Bhojpuri’ an international language but neglected by all governments for several decades, not according it ‘official language’ status.”

Here have a look at the tweet:

As soon as the users dropped the tweet, netizens dropped messages lauding the pilot for his thoughtful move. One of the users, wrote, "I congratulate & felicitate @IndiGo6E for this great initiative. This is how corporate India can help preserve & promote Indian languages & culture. AND get closer to their customers-consumers. Urge other airlines, companies to take similar steps."

Another user wrote, "Thanks to Udan, the passenger profile has rapidly changed from elite English speaking to normal vernacular. Airline crew giving instructions in vernacular languages to address this crowd will be the real success"

Here have a look at reactions:

Bhojpuri is widely spoken in Bihar and other states, including Jharkhand and Uttar Pradesh, while Bihar alone has multiple languages like Maithili, Mahgim and Thethi. In-flight, announcements are usually done in Hindi along with English.

Posted By: Niharika Sanjeeiv