New Delhi | Jagran Trending Desk: The comet NEOWISE (C/2020 F3), a rare Comet sighting that will be next visible 6800 years from now, will remain visible in India at around the time of sunset in the northwest part of the sky. Netizens have been sharing theirs respective spotting from all over the world.

The phenomenon, due to clear skies, is better visible in many US states and parts of Europe. Whereas, in India the NEOWISE has been spotted, but a lot many people wrote to Indian Space Research Organisation, so as to know the way to witness the rare phenomenon from their respective cities and towns as well. The Comet has been sighted in Uttarakhand, Ahmedabad, Chennai, and parts of Rajasthan as well.

Here are some of the stunning NEOWISE sightings:

Washington state, USA


Oklahoma, USA

A US-based Astrophysics enthusiast shared his compilation of ‘Neowise photo progress over four nights’, and results were as stunning as the rarity of this phenomenon.

Nathuakhan, Uttarakhand, India


Idaho state, USA

Arizona, USA

Vexin, France

Ahmedabad, India

An Ahmedabad-based Outer space enthusiast devoted himself to make a time lapse video of the rare once-in-several-generations phenomenon, as the Comet approached the horizon, and kept on flaunting the rarity of its appearance.

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Comet #NEOWISE ☄️ timelapse by @rahulzota from #ahmedabad city... Rahul made really wonderful time lapse of Comet is going down towards the horizon... @zotagraphy_architecture finally in the Frame and in eyes, It was too hard to spend days under very thick lyr of clouds... Now clouds are moving away clear sky is coming out... And glimpse of Comet is here for all of you... From Team @StargazingIndia @traveller_sumit @nishantgor13 @narendragor @rahulzota @nikunj_rawal @gauravshift @kishan__2112 @astro_smb @rajan_chauhan___________ has observed this comet... Waiting from rest friends update.... #astrophotography #longexposure #milkyway #photooftheday #blackhole #astronomy #astronews #M33 #orion #bestoftheday #astronomy #Stargazing #stargazingindia #stargazingindiatraveller #astropotrait #indianastrophotography #moon #astro #moonphotography #ig_astrophotograph #constellations #helixnebula #astrogeeks #deepskyastrophotograpy #astrophotographyindia #astronomyindia #igmoonphotography #indianastronomy

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The Comet is visible in India since July 14 onwards, and will continue to remain so for next two weeks in the clear skies. Even after that, with special equipment such as binoculars or basic telescopes, the NEOWISE will remain visible from Indian skies.

“A far better viewing perspective will be available in the evening sky starting around July 14, when it will appear low in the northwest sky (20 degrees from the horizon) for around 20 minutes. In the evenings to follow, the comet will rapidly climb higher in the sky and will be visible for a longer period,” Dr Shubhendu Patnaik, deputy director of Pathani Samanta Planetarium in Odisha’s Bhubaneswar., told ANI.

Posted By: Abhinav Gupta