In Canada, This Book Was Returned To Library After 51 Years With A 'Sorry It's A Bit Late' Note

In Canada, a book was returned by an unknown person after 51 years. There was also a sorry note written in the book.

By Simran Srivastav
Sat, 18 Jun 2022 12:24 PM IST
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In Canada, This Book Was Returned To Library After 51 Years With A 'Sorry It's A Bit Late' Note
Image Credits: vancouverpubliclibrary/Instagram

New Delhi | Jagran Trending Desk: Nowadays, we can find any book or novel online very easily. But earlier, we used to borrow the books from libraries and then we had to return those before the specific date, otherwise, a fine would be applied. But in Canada, a book was returned after 51 years. The library had recently removed the fines on late returns and that person returned the book with a sweet note.

Sharing the picture, the official Instagram account of Vancouver Public Library wrote, "Such a sweet note in this book returned to our South Hill Branch *slightly* overdue (51 years!). With our recent removal of late fees… they won’t get charged a cent for their late return! Eliminating fines = greater access to all."

The note reads, "From your Library. Very Sorry. It's a bit late, 51 Years. But in a very nice condition. Thank you!" The book is about the telescope and is also titled 'The Telescope', which is written by Harry Edward Neal.

Netizens are finding this note hilarious and some also shared their own story. One person commented, "Better late than never, indeed!". Meanwhile, another wrote, "I left a note on the DVD I returned today. It said Avs will sweep Oilers. And they did!".

But this is not the first time that a book was returned to a library after a long period of time and the time period can be as long as a century. In 2021, a book was returned to the Boise Public Library after 111 years. The book 'New Chronicles of Rebecca' by Kate Douglas Wiggin was taken on November 8, 1911. The book was published in 1907 and the fine on the book would have been 803 dollars. But Boise Public Libraries became fine-free, so no fine was charged.

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