Internet is a funny place and at times somethings that happen here have no logic whatsoever. And almost a similar situation was witnessed recently when #BanTwitter started trending on Twitter itself. Some people seem to have been fed up of the trolling and the daily rants of politicians and decided to put a ban on the micro-blogging site by tweeting about the same.

The situation is as ironic as it can get and made the meme factory explode with comments and reactions. Making fun of the #BanTwitter hashtag trending on Twitter, one user wrote, “Humko Humi Se Chura Lo…” while another one wrote, “Trending #BanTwitter on Twitter is the second most illogical move I have ever seen.”

Check out the reactions and memes of Twitter users here:


Aren’t they hilarious?

For the unversed, the hashtag #BanTwitter has been trending after Twitter issued a statement regarding the actions it will take to block 1,178 profiles. The action might be taken for the Twitter accounts for reportedly posting content to spread hatred and unrest among the masses.  

So far Twitter has decided to discontinue some accounts but the officials of the micro-blogging site refused to shut the profiles of media, journalists, activists, and politicians as it will be against the right to freedom of expression.

Meanwhile, coming back to the memes and funny reactions of Twitterati, what are your thoughts about hashtag #BanTwitter? Do let us know.

Posted By: Sanyukta Baijal