New Delhi | Jagran Trending Desk: NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope has captured a stunning picture of Jupiter, showing a mysterious colour-changing storm traveling around the planet at around 560 kilometers per hour.

The image was captured on August 25 when the planet was 406 million miles from Earth. It gives researchers an updated weather report on the monster planet’s turbulent atmosphere, including a remarkable new storm brewing, and a cousin of the famous Great Red Spot region gearing up to change color – again, as per a report by NASA.

“While it’s common for storms to pop up in this region every six years or so, often with multiple storms at once, the timing of the Hubble observations is perfect for showing the structure in the wake of the disturbance, during the early stages of its evolution,” the space agency said in a statement.

“Trailing behind the plume are small, rounded features with complex "red, white, and blue" colors in Hubble’s ultraviolet, visible, and near-infrared light image. Such discrete features typically dissipate on Jupiter, leaving behind only changes in cloud colors and wind speeds, but a similar storm on Saturn led to a long-lasting vortex,” it added.

The image also captured the famous Great Red Spot, rolling counterclockwise in the planet’s southern hemisphere.  The spot now measures about 9,800 miles across, big enough to swallow Earth. The Spot is currently an exceptionally rich red color, with its core and outermost band appearing deeper red, the agency said.

Also visible in the image is planet’s icy moon Europa, which is thought to hold potential ingredients for life

Posted By: Lakshay Raja