New Delhi | Jagran Trending Desk: Rumours are mostly absurd. But what if we have brought a rumour that can harm someone's life. The rumour has spread like a wildfire in Bihar's Sitamarhi that it led to an increase in the sale of Parle-G biscuits. Confused!? yes so are we.

In Bihar's Sitamarhi district, a bizarre rumour was doing rounds on the festival of 'Jitiya' that male children of the house must eat Parle- G biscuits or something might happen to them. The strange news spread and it resulted in long queues outside grocery stores to buy the biscuits.

However, there is no confirmed origin of the rumour, the rumour embedded fear in many, and frightened people at the festival were seen rushing to the shop to buy the biscuits on Thursday.

The strange news has been confirmed by SP of Sitamarhi Har Kishore Rai reported "here were rumours in some places of the district about Parle-G biscuits on Thursday. People were seen in long queues outside the shops. It was not seen on Friday. How the rumours spread in the district is yet to be ascertained, "said the SP.

Many people still believe that something might happen to them if they fail to consume the biscuits. When they were asked the reason for their belief, some were not sure but many doesn't bother as they were already in fear.

As the rumours spread in many parts of Sitamarhi such as Bargania, Dheng, Nanpur, Dumra, Bajpatti, Majorganj shops ran out of the Parle-G stock. Many shop owners also used the opportunity and got involved in the black marketing of the biscuits.

For the unversed, Jitiya Vrat is a festival celebrated by the Hindu community. On this day mothers keep fast for the long lives of their children and worship Lord Luv and Lord Kush.

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Posted By: Ashita Singh