New Delhi| Jagran Trending Desk: We have witnessed interesting social media trends in 2020 and one of the them, presently gaining traction is "How it started vs How it's going.' In this trend, people are sharing their before and after pictures to sump up their journey, struggle and achievements. It started on a light note but then gave a reality check to netizens.

In this trend, social media users are sharing photos as how they started off vs how they are dealing with it right now. This trend first started with the pictures of couples but then later it caught up with how people started their work and how they are faring with it right now.

Some of the posts are inspiring and is giving goals to netizens to work out on their relationship, professional life and some of them are so sarcastic that they are directly hitting the netizens so hard that they relate to it hundred per cent.

Netizens are now using it to post things related to work, heartbreak and environment and much more.

The viral Baba Ka Dhaba has also made it to this trend.

Even Mercedes Benz USA joined in with the trend and posted the company's wheels-to-super wheels journey with its followers.

One of the users shared the story of their journey in just two images:

Some of the tweets just made netizens realize about how broke they are and we are wheezing.

However, this trend came as a ray of hope and inspiration in all the negativity that surounds us. These wholesome meme remind us that there are still many things to get inspired from.

Posted By: Deeksha Sharma