New Delhi| Jagran Trending Desk: As we have entered the year 2021, a new trend has come along with us and that is how Americans and Indians react differently to the same scenarios and we are wheezing. Growing up in America vs growing up in India certainly holds different experiences and it is just way too funny the way Desi people react to things and these Twitteratis are coming up with the memes on this trend that is well summing up all our feelings.

In this latest trend, the cultural difference is pretty much evident and it makes it clear to us that how much we try to westernize ourselves, there will still remain a difference 'Kyuki dil hai Hindustani.'

This newest trend on Twitter shows the comparison between how we do things in India as compared to America. The format of this meme is as follows as it shows a text-tweet format which shows the flags of both the countries. In this, the situation is represented by the US flag that is considered fine, and the other one that shows the Indian flag that shows the exaggerated version to make people relate and go ROFL over it.

Here are some of the hilarious tweets that you just can't miss:

How Gynecologist questions in both the countries:

How people in both the country react when they meet someone after a long time:

How Indians vs Americans appreciates someone's good vocab:

The fun part about all those memes here is that they are made with the twist of reality and every desi person is able to relate to it.

Posted By: Deeksha Sharma