New Delhi | Jagran Trending Desk: A terrible moment of visual reckoning was recorded in the USA's Florida when two skydivers started making a dangerous free fall after their parachutes malfunctioned. The viral visuals show the skydivers crashing on to the ground before they fell like that in the front yard of a home.

The incident took place in Titusville area of Brevard County in Florida state of the US.

"The men were alert and cautious after the accident," the chief of a Titusville's Fire Department Batallion was quoted at saying by CNN. The injured men were first treated at the site if crash and then were airlifted to a trauma centre on Wednesday.

“We just watched them go down over the tree line, it was nothing you could do,” witness Christina Renfore told Click Orlando News while adding that: “He went into a pretty nasty spin. At first we thought he was having fun and showing off, but it was pretty evident shortly after they were in trouble.”

The victims whose identity is kept anonymous, were part of a tandem jump from an airplane which originated at Florida's Dunn Airport, preliminary investigation by the Police has revealed.

Posted By: Talib Khan