New Delhi | Jagran Trending Desk: Sometimes many wonder how times have changed after 2020. Before this pandemic, 'Corona' was a beer and Kovid another name. But Covid-19 took everything by storm and the effects were felt by all but Kovid Kapoor, co-founder of Holidify life changed the most.

Holidify owner never thought that his name will be a thing that people will find somewhat interesting. He has changed his Twitter Bio to, "My name is Kovid and I'm not a virus."

Kovid who went on a foreign trip after months shared his experience and wrote, "Went outside India for the first time since COVID and got a bunch of people amused by my name," he wrote, adding: "Future foreign trips are going to be fun!"

Interestingly, Kovid's names come from Hanumaan Chaleesa as Mr. Kapoor in a series of Tweets explained the meaning of his name and origin to those who had this question in mind. He wrote, "For those on this thread, wondering what my name actually means - it means scholar / learned.Comes in the Hanumaan Chaleesa."Also, it's pronounced as Kovid with Hindi that is soft D and not the usual."

His tweets explaining the name and have gone viral on the internet as netizens went crazy after very unusual name. It has garnered over 30 K likes till now and several retweets.

One user wrote "Hope people didn't see you with a Corona Beer," and Kovid hilariously wrote, "Now that you mention it," and attached a photo of him with Beer Corona.

Known face Tehseen Poonawalla took a jibe at his name and wrote, " So How does it go..Hey Kovid, Please to meet you," while another one wrote, "Hey Kovid, Stay Positive."

Mr. Kapoor amused Twitter with all his little interactions and how people reacted to his name. He revealed that Google also searches 'COVID' when actually typing KOVID. He also mentioned how, "At Starbucks, the guy handing him coffee pointed out the name to everyone else and they burst out laughing,'' which led him to use a fake name in beverage shop now.

"Apart from these, there have been tens of funny micro-interactions, with Amazon delivery guys, with electricians, at airport security, at hotel check-ins, etc," said Kovid Kapoor.

"Anyway - life threw me (and all of us) a sour lemon, I just decided to take it all in good humour and make some lemonade out of it," he added.

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Posted By: Ashita Singh