New Delhi | Jagran News Desk: We all talk about promoting gender equality and that's all but this school in Edinburgh, Scotland has literally marched up-promote equality by encouraging both boys and girls and both male and female teachers to wear a skirt. On November 4th, 2021, Castleview Primary school in Edinburgh celebrated an event called 'Wear a Skirt to School Day' wherein, everyone male student and teacher as well has to sport a skirt on the school premises.

“We want our school to be inclusive and promote equality,” an email from Castleview Primary in Edinburgh said to parents, the Daily Mail reported. In the email it was also mentioned that they want their students to be comfortable, so if they want they can wear leggings or pants under the skirt. They also offered a pair of skirts to students who doesn't possess one.

A teacher named Miss White promoted the event on her social media handle and wrote, "6 have been learning about the importance of breaking down gender stereotypes. We have organised a ‘Wear a Skirt to School Day’ to raise awareness of the #LaRopaNoTieneGénero campaign. This will be on Thursday 4th November and we’d love everyone to get involved!"

Also, the event was based on free will, students who didn't want to participate wasn't forced to wear the skirts as "the school didn't wanted to force anyone to wear something they’re not happy with but we’re hoping lots of you will be keen to help spread our important message. Trousers under skirts are allowed!” wrote Miss White.

Let us inform you that this initiative in Scotland's school drew inspiration from a campaign in Spain where teachers and students wore skirts to class in support of student Mikel Gomez, who was expelled for wearing one last year.

The initiative by the school has mixed reactions from the parents and users of the internet. While many have lauded the initiative and thought behind it but others criticized and said, "Castleview shame on you. It’s bad enough that this rubbish is being pushed at a higher level, but primary? The children in your care need academic education.”

Another parent commented, “Disgraceful. Just teach the kids their basics and stop all this bloody nonsense”.

What are your thoughts about this initiative of this school?

Posted By: Ashita Singh