New Delhi | Jagran Trending Desk: This Paani Puri vendor has literally served 'Lit Paani Puri' to its customers. Gone are the days when people just plain paani puri with tangy and sweet water in it, Now this Gujarat Paani Puri vendor has given a fiery makeover to the plain old street food of India and the internet is liking it.

A video of the Gujarat vendor serving Fire Paani Puri has gone viral on the internet. While many vendors just offer different types of flavored water with the snack, this vendor has taken the game to another level, he lights up a stuffed pani puri and places it in the customer’s mouth.

In the video, the vendor lights up the paani puri and puts it into the customer's mouth kind of similar to what you can witness with fire paan available in the market. The stuffed panipuri has camphor in it, which added a fiery twist to it.

Here watch the video here:

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The video is shared by a food blogger Krupali Patel, who hails from Gujarat. Sharing the post, the food blogger, revealed the secret behind the fire that is camphor was added to the snack so that it can light up.

Ever since the video was uploaded it has gained over 22,362 likes and several views. While many netizens compared the Fire Pani puri to the fire paan, many others wanted to know that if eating or in taking camphor was even safe.

One of the users in the comment section joked, “Tikha bola tha toh aag laga di dhuaa nikaal diya (asked for spicy, he straightway lit it up.)”

Other internet users in the comment section mocked the concept of lit Pani Puri while many other eager users wanted to know the location so that they can also try and share their experiences.

What are your thoughts on the fire Paani Puri and do you also wonder what it would taste like? Do share

Posted By: Ashita Singh