New Delhi | Jagran Trending Desk: NASA has tested its first new space- $23 million titanium toilet and now it is all set to launch from the International Space Station (SpaceX). According to the scientists, the design and the processor of this potty are better suited for female astronauts. The launch was planned on Thursday but due to some technical issues, it was aborted when two minutes were left in the countdown.

The official from the team told Associate Press, "the team would try again on Friday night if engineers can figure out what went wrong." Earlier, Russian space scientists have also made two toilets for the space stations. However, this potty is around 100 pounds and 28 inches tall than those. NASA's SpaceX has left with less than a year to launch the astronauts on the moon and for that, they need more such toilets to fit into NASA Orion capsules.

The design of the old potty made by NASA science was more suited for men. So, this time, scientists have focused more on making it comfortable for female astronauts. To better accommodate women, NASA engineers have installed seats on the new potty.

Johnson Space Center’s Melissa McKinley (project manager) said “Cleaning up a mess is a big deal. We don’t want any misses or escapes.” Let’s just say everything floats in weightlessness.

"As for No. 1, the funnels also have been redesigned. Women can use the elongated and scooped-out funnels to urinate while sitting on the commode to poop at the same time." AP quoted Melissa McKinley as saying.

The astronauts have shared their experience of using restrooms in space. They said that simple things become so difficult in space because of no gravity. Toilet has been a major issue faced by the astronauts for a long. Now, it seems that this won't trouble them anymore. However, a crew member at SpaceX revealed that the old design for the toilet was also not so hard to handle, but it will be more convenient now.

Posted By: Srishti Goel