New Delhi| Jagran Trending Desk: There are many instances when we order something, we get something, and then we ask for a refund or just cancel the order. But, what if we tell you that a woman in Ghaziabad ordered a vegetarian pizza and she received a non-vegetarian pizza. Well, after this the UP-based woman neither contacted the food delivery service nor did she asked for a refund, instead, she asked for compensation of Rs 1 Crore from the pizza chain for delivering her non-veg pizza. Yes, you read that right.

Deepali Tyagi, the UP-based woman has filed a petition in which she said that she is pure vegetarian because of her religious beliefs, teachings, family traditions, own conscience, and her best choice.

Well, many people are thinking that this is a recent incident, but let us tell you that this incident took place in the year 2019. Deepali made an order for a vegetarian pizza on March 21, 2019, at her home in Ghaziabad in Uttar Pradesh. Last year, the festival of Holi was on the same day, and Deepali mentioned in her petition that she and her children were starving and thus they ordered the pizza.

She added to it that the pizza delivery was late but they ignore it because they were hungry. However, after taking a bite of the pizza, Deepali realised that it was not a vegetarian pizza and it had pieces of chicken over it and she thought it was mushroom and thus she took a bite of it.

After this, Deepali made a call to the customer care service for the pizza delivery outlet and raised her issue that they have made the delivery of non-veg pizza to the house of pure vegetarians. It was also mentioned in the petition that on March 26. 2019, the district manager of the pizza outlet made a call to Deepali and offered to give free pizzas to their whole family.

But Deepali did not get convinced by it, and she mentioned in her complaint that the American company tried to spoil her religious practices and gave her a permanent mental agony. Adding further to it, she said that now she needs to go through long and expensive rituals that are going to cost her lakhs.

In the petition, it was also mentioned, "The opposite party's negligent manner of performance has contaminated complainant body with food mixed with animal meat. In her religious belief killing any animal and eating its meat is a paap."

As soon as this incident started making news, Twitteratis couldn't stop reacting to it:

One of the users wrote, "When you are addicted to free cash and derive pleasure from making a lesson out of people"

Another wrote, "Why not order a Pizza from a store where only Vegetarian Pizza is Served! Crazy World."

The complainant has mentioned in her petition that the opposite party needs to provide the claim of Rs 1 crore. The district consumer disputes redressal commission has also asked the pizza outlet to file a reply statement in the matter. The reply of the pizza outlet is still awaited.

(With inputs from news agency ANI)

Posted By: Deeksha Sharma