New Delhi | Jagran Trending Desk: Everyone loves masala Maggi, there's no match when it comes to favourite instant noodles in India. While, over the last couple of months we have witnessed several experiments with the same, Recently a street-side vendor has taken the twist with Maggi to another level by adding Fanta in it.

Yes! If you are intrigued by now, let us tell you that a vendor from Ghaziabad served Maggi cooked in chilled Fanta to a food blogger in a viral video and the internet has gone crazy over it.

Amar Sirohi a food blogger from Delhi tried this weird concoction and shared a video on his YouTube channel and Instagram. Did he like it? Well, let us tell you the tale.

Watch the full video here:

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In the video, the vendor started off by adding fried vegetables to the Maggi and then poured some Fanta into the pan. Then he crushed and added Maggi along with some masalas. He finished it off with a dab of lime juice and some chaat masala. At starting, Amar was nervous about the dish but after trying the dish out, he actually liked the dish.

“Main hairaan hoon ki iska itna accha taste kaise aa sakta hai (I am surprised how this can taste so good),” Amar Sirohi says in the video.

In the video, the vendor later revealed how he came up with a unique idea. He said that he thought of it when a customer asked for a bottle of Fanta with his plate of Maggi. The combo was an instant hit, he said.

Fanta Maggi is priced at Rs 30 and extra charges for the soft drink. The vendor said that he has been selling the dish for close to 5-6 months now. The food blogger's video has garnered over 2 lakhs on the video.

The Internet obviously had a lot to say after witnessing the destruction of their favourite dish as they tagged the dish 'Weird'.While one netizen wrote, " Maggi will never be the same again."

What are your thoughts on the bizarre dish? Do share.

Posted By: Ashita Singh