From Alien Attack To Solar Tsunami; Baba Vanga's Shocking Predictions For Year 2023

Vangeliya Pandeva Gushterova or 'Baba Vanga' was a blind Bulgarian mystic healer and soothsayer who is known for her future predictions which have been true many times.

From Alien Attack To Solar Tsunami; Baba Vanga's Shocking Predictions For Year 2023
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BABA VANGA was a popular Bulgarian blind mystic who predicted the future of the world and most of her predictions have been true till now. From predicting 9/10 terror attacks, the rise of Barack Obama and Donald Trump to the assassination of Indira Gandhi, Baba Vanga has again predicted a dark and calamatic future for the next 12 months of the year 2023. After 26 years of her death, the predictions made by Baba Vanga for the year 2023 have emerged. Read below:

Predictions for 2023 By Baba Vanga

1. A solar tsunami or solar storm is believed to take place according to Baba Vanga. This solar tsunami is likely to result in the Earth's magnetic shield getting destroyed.

2. An alien attack would take place which will be a cause of death of millions of earth inhabitants.

3. As per Baba Vanga's predictions for 2023, the Earth's orbit will 'change'. These slightest changes can cause massive changes in the climate making it an alarming situation.

4. One of her predictions includes that by 2023, human babies will be produced in laboratories. Parents can choose the colour and characteristics of their unborn child.

5. An explosion in a power plant may result in forming of toxic clouds which might cover the entire continent of Asia with fog. Other countries may get affected by some serious diseases as a result of this change.

Baba Vanga had also predicted that the year 5079 would mark the end of the world. She had also predicted the experiments on biological weapons being used by a superpower which would lead to massive destruction directing to the war between Russia and Ukraine. 

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