New Delhi | Jagran Trending Desk: Due to the coronavirus pandemic, school and college classes have now shifted to the online mode which makes it hard for students to bunk classes. However, there are students who are using their mind to the fullest to bunk online classes.

In a hilarious incident, a student with his friends staged his kidnapping during his online lecture and this rib-tickling plan was caught on a camera.

In the 23 second video, a professor is talking about moving paragraphs around when the two masked, hooded men walk into the student's room and drag him out of the room, after which the professor stops with a confused look.

He asked other students that "Did you just see Tyler get kidnapped?" to which the students start giggling. The professor further said that "Do we need to call the police?"

Watch the video here:

The video's caption reads, "They staged a kidnapping to get him out of lectures. This is real friendship goals." The video has so far garnered more than 3.1 million on Twitter alone and some hilarious reactions from the users.

One of the users said, "I need friends like that", while another said, "this trend will make it harder for people to react if something like this takes place in reality."

It is not the first case in which a student staged his kidnapping as it has now become a viral trend that is grabbing massive attention online.

Posted By: Deeksha Sharma