Food Vlogger's Unique Recipe Of Dal Makhni Ice-Cream Roll Frustrates Netizens| Watch

Watch the internet going crazy over the recipe of Dal Makhni Ice-Cream Roll

Food Vlogger's Unique Recipe Of Dal Makhni Ice-Cream Roll Frustrates Netizens| Watch
Screengrab of the video/Instagram

'Good Food Makes Good Mood', is a very true statement. However, an experiment by an Instagram food vlogger not only left the netizens surprised but also frustrated the internet users at the same time. A food vlogger with the username, The Great Indian Foodie (thegreatindianfoodie), recently posted a video from his Instagram handle of Dal Makhni Ice Cream Roll. The experiment transformed a main course dish which is usually served hot into a dessert.

The Chef in the video can be seen pouring Dal Makhni on a cold pan of ice cream roll machine. The Chef then puts some cream over the Dal Makhni and mixes it.

Once the Dal Makhni paste is mixed properly, the Chef spreads the mix over the pan. The mix slowly can be seen getting frozen. The Chef, after that, scraps them into three rolls and serves them with the side of naan and onion.

The caption of the video reads, "Main Course and dessert ek saath.Kaisa laga," and the video has over 239K views, 5742 likes, and 745 comments.

The comment section, however, shows how the video left the netizens unimpressed. "Agli baar Zandu Baalm aur Iodex bhi mila dena taaki hum video dekhne walo ka sar na dukhe," a user said. "You still have time to delete this video," a second user commented.

Meanwhile, a few users also asked the vlogger to stop posting such videos, "Stop it, get some help!," someone said. "Oh bus karo yaar, yeah pagal paan," another wrote.

However, this is not the first time when a dish like this has made its way on social media. Earlier, dishes like Ice Golgappa, Nutella Biryani, Chocolate fried chicken, Maggi Ladoo, Banana Pizza, Beer Maggi, and Watermelon with Mustard are some examples of unique food innovations that created a buzz on social media platforms.

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