New Delhi | Jagran Trending Desk: Baking has become world’s favorite hobby amid the lockdown in place to contain the spread of coronavirus. Internet is abuzz with people baking cakes out of cookies and exotic ingredients (if available), there are Instagram Lives, Youtube tutorials dedicated to this one big fat hobby of our COVID driven times – Baking.

However, not always the baked stuff is fermented right, sometimes the texture ends up to be rough and turbulent, and a lot many times one section bakes better than the rest and finally the bread/cake lacks uniformity as whole.

Going beyond the typical baking failures, a video recently went viral on Internet, which has garnered over 9 million views so-far, in which a bread-baking tutorial video went so horribly wrong but hilariously incredible that a woman's attempt at baking her face covered in flour. Ever since the video reached the web-up horizon of Internet, it has left people in splits.

In the video which went viral, a woman supposed to tutor the way of making bread can be heard conversing in Spanish as she works on her bread dough. As she completes kneading the dough, she puts it on a wooden pastry board and starts rolling it out with a rolling pin. However, the pastry board is not completely on the table. When her hand reaches the part that is not on the table, the weight of the rolling pin tips the pastry board forward and sends a plate of flour flying into her face, leaving her face covered in flour.

Finally, she tells the person in front of her to stop filming.

The bread-making fail has gone viral on Facebook, with a whopping 9 million views, while collecting over 5 lakh 'shares' and more than 76,000 comments.

The video is also making rounds on Twitter to a decent tweeple fare:

As the world grapples with Coronavirus, people stuck at home have been sharing themselves nurturing their culinary skills, with baking cakes and breads being an essential part of it. How far these fails and saves will go, only time will tell.

Posted By: Abhinav Gupta