Five Asteroids Will Come Dangerously Close To Earth, Reveals NASA Telescope

Space agency NASA revealed that five massive asteroids are set to come close to Earth. Read to know more.

Five Asteroids Will Come Dangerously Close To Earth, Reveals NASA Telescope
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The entire Solar system is a vast space where scientists are monitoring a lot of different things. Recently, the space agency's asteroid tracking system has revealed that five major asteroids are set to approach planet Earth this week. While a lot of asteroids never comes close to Earth's vicinity and those who approached near the planet are the main interest of scientist. The asteroids are referred to Near-Earth Objects (NEO). These five asteroids that are set to approach Earth can prove to be destructive.

Out of these five asteroids, four of them are as huge as the size of a massive plane and one of them is as big as a house. Here is the list of five asteroids that will come near Earth.

2022 QF

The asteroid named 2022 QF was discovered in the month of August 2022. While talking about size of the asteroid then it is 140-foot wide and it is set to approach the Earth on September 11. The 140-foot asteroid comes under the category of NEO. As per the prediction, the pebble is expected to come close to 7.3 million kilometers to Earth with a speed of 30,384 kmph. The space agency has predicted that the asteroid will make a safe passage across Earth.

2008 RW

A gigantic size of a 310-foot asteroid named 2008 RW was spotted in the year 2008. The asteroid is bigger than the Qutub Minar which is 238-foot. As per the prediction, the asteroid will come closer to Earth on September 12.

2022 QD1

Spotted in August 2022, the asteroid named 2022 QD1 is huge as 242-foot wide and has the capacity to destroy an entire city. NASA's prediction states that the asteroid will approach the Earth on September 16 and is travelling at the speed of 34,200 kmph.

2005 RC3

Discovered in 2005, 2005 RC3 asteroid is huge as 403-foot wide. The asteroid is expected to approach the Earth on September 18 and will be close to the planet at a distance of 4.7 million kilometers.

2022 QB37

Last but not the least, the asteroid 2022 QB37 is predicted to approach near Earth on September 18. The asteroid is 183-foot huge and is travelling at a speed of 33,192 kmph.

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