New Delhi | Jagran Trending Desk: The Taliban takeover of Afghanistan has brought several changes to the country. One of them being changes in the rights of women. To protect women's right and several other rights in Afghanistan subsequent protests have been held there. These protests are regarded as one of the many defining moments of the 21st-century. In the latest, a photo has gone viral on the internet from one such protest in Kabul- that portrayed spirit of resistance among Afghan women.

The photo is doing rounds on the internet as several netizens are calling the act iconic and that this moment will go down in history. Zahra Rahimi an internet user recently took her Twitter to post a photo and wrote, " An Afghan woman fearlessly stands face to face with a Taliban armed man who pointed his gun to her chest."

The picture showed a woman standing right in front of a Taliban man who is armed and has pointed a gun towards her. The photo was taken from the protest that was held in Afghanistan and still going on.

Several Twitter users have lauded the woman for her bravery and called the moment iconic. One internet user commented, " Epitome of the Courage at full display by our Sisters in Afghanistan," while the other said, "Hats off to the woman! What a brave person."


Taliban on Tuesday announced their new regime in the country. In Taliban captured Afghanistan. women were left out of the new government and there was no mention of ministry for women either. Earlier, the Taliban announced that women and men must be educated separately and Hijab, Long robes were made mandatory for female students.

Curtains were used to segregate the two genders in various universities in Kabul, the emerged photos went viral a few days ago. What are your thoughts on this photo? Do share.

Posted By: Ashita Singh