New Delhi | Jagran Trending Desk: Dubai is lit. Well, almost literally. Yes, currently the city of UAE is facing massive heat of around 50C which is too much to handle. Amidst the scorching heat where it is getting difficult for people to even step out, the government decided to create 'fake' rains. You read that right!

According to the UAE’s National Center of Meteorology, the precipitation was enhanced by cloud seeding operations to increase rainfall in the Gulf country. This happened with the help of drones which created shocks in the clouds in order to make them rain. On Sunday, the UAE’s national weather service released video footage of the heavy downpours.

Take a look at the video:

Cloud seeding operations are part of an ongoing mission to generate precipitation in the Middle East country, which has an average rainfall of just four inches. The operations work through manned aircraft firing chemicals such as silver iodide into the clouds in order to cause increased precipitation.

The National reported the heavy rainfall caused waterfalls to appear in the city of Al Ain and made driving conditions hazardous.

In an effort to curb the country’s sinking water table, the UAE invested $15 million in nine different rain-making projects in 2017.

One system set to be trialled in the UAE uses drones to shoot electrical charge into the clouds to increase precipitation.

The project is being led by researchers at the University of Reading in England. Professor Maarten Ambaum, who worked on the project, told the BBC in March that the UAE has enough clouds to create conditions conducive to rain.

The project tries to get the water drops to merge and stick when they receive an electrical pulse, “like dry hair to a comb”.

“When the drops merge and are big enough, they will fall as rain”, Prof Ambaum told the BBC. Applying electrical shocks to clouds is preferred as it doesn’t require the use of chemicals.

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Posted By: Sanyukta Baijal