New Delhi | Jagran Trending Desk: United Arab Emirates-based Syrian influencers Anas and Asala Marwah took their gender reveal party to a new height by broadcasting the gender of their second child on world’s tallest building Burj Khalifa in Dubai.

The video, which was shared by the couple on their Youtube channel on Tuesday, shows them with their daughter and surrounded by friends and family, intently looking at the 163-storey building for the big reveal. Following a dramatic countdown of ten, the tower lights up to blue with words “Its a boy”.

The video has been watched over 15 million times on their Youtube channel and 1.8 million times when shared by the couple on their Instagram handle. Watch it here:


The video was also shared on Burj Khalifa Instagram handle, where it has been viewed over 1.7 lakh times. “The big news just can’t get bigger than this as the world’s tallest building lights up to reveal the biggest gender reveal ever! Congratulations @anasmarwah and @asalamaleh,” the caption read.

Gender reveal parties are becoming increasingly popular, with the couples coming up with the creative ways to reveal the gender of their unborn baby. The trend’s popularity can be attributed to social media platforms, especially Youtube and Instagram. Most methods use gender-associated colours -- pink for girl and blue for boy.

The practice has been criticised for reinforcing gender stereotypes and precluding and minimizing transgender identification.

Anas and Asala Marwah's Youtube channel has over 7.6 million subscribers and most their their video amass at least four to five million views. The gender reveal party video has 1.3 million likes and 15 million views.

Posted By: Lakshay Raja