New Delhi| Jagran Trending Desk: When talking about bizarre food combinations, the internet is filled with videos of weird combinations of food that do not make sense at all. Adding to the list of bizarre food combos, an eatery has made a special ' Dilkhush dosa' which most certainly can not be liked by loyal dosa fans. Can you ever imagine a dosa filled with cherries alongside dry fruits, cheese, and vegetables? No right. But, this particular dish has been doing rounds on the internet and has gone viral.

Recently, an internet user Deepak Prabhu posted a video of a man making dosa on the micro-blogging site Twitter. In the particular 59 second clip, a man can be seen spreading dosa batter on the Tawa. after spreading the batter he adds a good amount of butter on it. Next, he added different vegetables and some coconut chutney. But the thing which happens next will make you raise your eyebrows. In the clip further, the man added some grated paneer and dry fruits such as almonds and raisins. Then he added some spices and after the dosa got cooked he grated some cheese and added cherries inside and on top of the dosa.

 Take a look at the video here:

This crazy recipe of dosa has left the internet users in splits and some dosa fans very angry. The video posted on September 5, till now has garnered over 121K likes and several retweets. Internet users have several comments on how this particular dish is an insult to Dosa.

Joining the bandwagon on expressing displeasure towards the dosa, Netflix India took its Twitter to handle to share a post and wrote, "Kaju and Kishmish in a Dosa? We've seen stranger things."

Replying to Netflix's post, Swiggy in most satirical manner wrote, "Someone please send that dish to the upside-down."

Many other internet users have commented on the dosa marking it as an abomination and some even criticized cheese for being overrated. Meanwhile, one user commented, "luckily Krishna Rao, Founder of Woodlands Hotel and inventor of Butter Masala Dosa, is not with us to witness this disaster called Dosa."

Another said, " This obsession with cheese has ruined many food items." "The modernists will call it as a fusion dosa!" a user took a dig at people who appreciate changes.

Any thoughts about  Dilkhush dosa? Do tell us.

Posted By: Ashita Singh