New Delhi|Jagran Trending Desk| Brace yourself for a spectecular event this September when night sky will lit up with the ‘Corn Moon’. According to NASA, this full moon is going to be the last one before the autumnal equinox that is known as the ‘Harvest Moon’. The autumnal equinox will take place on September 22 this year.

Why September's Full Moon will be called 'Corn Moon'?

The corn moon got its names from Native Americans. Based on where they lived, they named full moons after natural events during the season, which helped them track the time of the year.

This months' moon is called the Full Corn moon because it is the time to harvest corn in what is now the northeastern United States, according to the Farmer's Almanac.

This is called Full Corn moon because it comes before the autumnal equinox. Adding to that, the full moon on October 1 will be called the ‘Harvest Moon’ instead of ‘Hunter Moon’ which will now fall on October 31.

According to CNN Meteorologists, Judson Jones, this full moon is a sight to behold as it rises over the eastern horizon.

“When the moon is low on the horizon, it allows you to capture the view with objects in the foreground, making the moon appear bigger. Say you are in the city, and you’re watching between a couple of buildings or over the skyline, it will make it feel that much bigger and give it more impact,” Jones said.

In India, the Corn Moon will be visible on September 1 and 2 this year. This event happens only once in three years.

Posted By: Deeksha Sharma