New Delhi | Jagran Trending Desk: A team of Russia-based researchers has made a unique revelation, which found the remains of 'an almost perfect match' of a wooly rhinoceros inside the stomach of a 14,000-year-old puppy. The researchers noticed an 'unusual patch of fur' inside the stomach of the puppy.

Preserved along with the fur from the extreme Tundra region of Siberia in 2011, the small canine, scientists said either resembles a dog or a wolf.

Before the confirmation of the remains found in the stomach of the dog or wolf-like organism via DNA analysis, it was earlier thought that the remains might have belonged to the Lion cubs with yellow fur, also found in Siberia. But the DNA results from the Stockholm Natural History Museum confirmed otherwise.

Could Canines hunt woolly rhinos?

Scientists in Europe reacted quite peculiarly against the revelations of the research. Science daily ‘Science Times’ quoted famous evolutionary geneticist Love Dalen as saying that the small Canine might have eaten one of the last remaining woolly rhinos.

The matter as to find out how the small canine ate the piece of Wooly rhino remains unclear. Dalen further said that the hairy tissue found in the stomach of canine was not digested well, speculating that the Canine ate the rhino and left parts of it for its cubs.

Wooly rhinos are seen in many paintings and murals from the Stone Age, and the evidence has been found that they thrived in the grasslands near the tundra regions. By the last ice age, they got extinct due to varied reasons.

The remains of wooly rhinos have been found in Siberia, Central Europe, and Plateau of Tibet as well, projected to have existed around three million years back, much earlier before the humans came on the evolutionary scale of life.

Posted By: Shashikant Sharma