New Delhi | Jagran Trending Desk: A Coimbatore-based jeweler in Tamilnadu decided to get away with the bland, bored nature of masks effortlessly protecting the people from transmissible infections. In a development that has shocked a few and surprised many, Coimbatore-based goldsmith Radhakrishnan Sundaram Acharya has designed masks using gold and silver strings, for which the jeweler has confirmed to have received around nine orders so far.

"The gold mask has been made using 18-carat gold which costs Rs 2.75 lakhs& the silver mask costs Rs 15,000. Around 9 orders have been confirmed so far," Sundaram Acharya told news agency ANI.

Radhakrishnan Sundaram Acharya, who belongs to a family of jewelers, said that he is aware that common man cannot afford such masks, but rich can wear them in the royal weddings.

“So far, I have received nine orders, most of which are from north India,” Acharya was quoted as saying by Livemint.

Acharya is a jeweler for past 35 years, and the 55-year-old says that he had to leave his job in a jewelery manufacturing company and ever since he is designing various peculiar things with gold and silver, that includes handbags, turbans, umbrellas, and jackets among others. With the COVID-19 pandemic putting the masks under the category of essentials, he decided to come up with the Gold and silver-made masks as well.

Netizens react

“Waiting to hear about a platinum mask,” one user said.

“I duly respect his efforts for this creativity but having it done at the time of crisis, when our economy has fallen low and people are together fighting the battle of life, is not justified. On the contrary, it will raise security concerns for the person who will wear it,” wrote another user.

Earlier, a Pune-based businessman had got a customised gold mask worth Rs 2.89 lakh. A businessman from Cuttack as well procured a gold mask worth Rs 3.5 Lakh from Mumbai’s Zaveri bazar.

Posted By: Abhinav Gupta