New Delhi | Jagran News Desk: The Covid-19 virus and antibodies can co-exist in children, a new study has revealed, indicating that the young patients may still have the potential to transmit the virus even after they have developed an immune response to it. The study, published in Journal of Pediatrics, holds significance at a time when the debate over in-person schooling remains at the forefront of the present crisis.

As part of the study, the researchers used a retrospective analysis of 6,369 children tested for coronavirus, as well as 215 patients who underwent antibody testing at the Children's National Hospital in the US between March 13 and June 21, as per a report by news agency PTI. Out of the 215 patients, 33 showed presence of antibodies in their blood, while also testing positive for the virus.

"With most viruses, when you start to detect antibodies, you won't detect the virus anymore. But with COVID-19, we're seeing both," said Burak Bahar, lead author of the study from the Children's National Hospital.

Bahar added that the next phase of the next phase of the research will be to if the virus that is present alongside the antibodies can be transmitted to other people.  It also remains unknown if the antibodies correlate with immunity, and how long antibodies and potential protection from reinfection last.

"The takeaway here is that we can't let our guard down just because a child has antibodies or is no longer showing symptoms," Bahar said.

Recently, a study conducted by researchers from Massachusetts General Hospital and Mass General Hospital for Children had suggested that kids have level of virus in their airways than adults who were hospitalized for Covid-19 treatment, indicating that they may play a larger role in the community spread of coronavirus than previously thought.

Posted By: Lakshay Raja