New Delhi | Jagran Entertainment Desk: In the past two years, we have attended uncountable virtual and zoom meetings. Our lives were clung with those sessions and our computer screens. It was during the pandemic that virtual meeting fails have both entertained and embarrassed work-from-home or remote working participants.

Network, mic issues and sometimes not being able to operate the sessions due to tech glitch was normal for every working man, student, and teacher. But recently, One such thing happened when Google parent Alphabet CEO Sundar Pichai hosted a meeting with Kermit the Frog, the Muppet character, as part of YouTube’s Dear Earth series.

Sundar Pichai’s meet with Kermit the frog is doing rounds on social media. In the meet, the CEO of Google, the global search engine giant which owns multiple remote connectivity platforms and apps, failed to unmute at the start of the conversation.

Here, Watch the Video:

In the video, Kermit greeted the CEO, and said “Can't believe I’m talking to the CEO of Google and he’s on mute,” uttered the Muppet character, to which, Pichai apologised and then went on to share the video clip on his Twitter timeline asking his followers to “always remember to unmute”

Sundar Pichai took his Twitter to share the video of the incident and wrote, “Always remember to unmute...thanks @KermitTheFrogfor joining us on @YouTube,#DearEarth and chatting about some of our shared interests:)”

"Hi there, Sundar," Kermit said, opening the conversation. A brief silence follows as Pichai is seen speaking something on camera but without audio. "Sundar, I think you are on mute," Kermit said. "I can't believe I am talking to CEO of Google and he is on mute." Pichai replies, "Sorry Kermit. I was on mute... It is wonderful to talk to you. I am a huge fan of you and The Muppets."

"Mute - Unmute is literally the very unexpected problem statement we came across in this Pandemic," commented on user while another wrote, "A video I didn’t realize I needed in my life until I watched this."

Posted By: Ashita Singh