New Delhi | Jagran Trending Desk: A shocking news was reported from Karnataka's Bilinele village where a stray got stuck with a leopard for almost seven hours on Wednesday. It all began after the leopard chased the dog and both entered the toilet. The incident came to light at 9 am when the lady of the house opened the bathroom in the morning and noticed the tail of leopard. she immediately bolted the door of the bathroom and alarmed the neighbours regarding the same.

The incident has gone viral on social media wherein a dog can be seen locked inside a bathroom with a leopard. Taking to Twitter, a user named Prajwal explained the whole incident and even shared the picture of a dog sitting uncomfortably near the bathroom door while the leopard is sitting at the other end of the toilet. The picture was taken through a gap in the toilet's window from outside.


The incident was also shared by Indian Forest Service Officer Parveen Kaswan. Taking to Twitter he shared the pic from the incident and captioned it as "Every dog has a day. Imagine this dog got stuck in a toilet with a leopard for hours. And got out alive. It happens only in India."


As per reports, Forest Department officers brought tranquillizer darts to sedate leopard and move it back to the forest. However, the animal managed to escape by breaking the roof and nets at around 2 pm. The forest Department managed to rescue the dog alive who was later identified as Bollu by the locals. What is shocking about the whole incident is leopard didn't attack the dog even after chasing the dog and getting locked. Also, its not less than a miracle.

Posted By: Niharika Sanjeeiv