Caught On Camera: Shark Bites Fisherman's Finger In Florida Coast, Airlifted To Hospital

A video of shark biting man's finger will bring chills down to your spine. The man was airlifted to the hospital after the incident.

Caught On Camera: Shark Bites Fisherman's Finger In Florida Coast, Airlifted To Hospital

A terrifying video has surfaced online which will bring chills to the spine to any one person who will watch. A petrifying moment took place when a shark tore off a man's finger while he was trying to remove a hook from the sea beast. The video is doing rounds on the internet and will give anyone goose bumps easily.

What was the incident?

On July 19, a fisherman named Brett went to the coast of Florida along with his family and found themselves to be accompanied by a small predator guest --- the shark.

In order to impress his son, the man tried to pick up the shark. The video show, the man trying to hold onto the shark's fin as he puts his other hand right under the mouth of the shark in order to lift the predator from the water.

However, soon after this, the nightmare of man came true as the shark writhes and bites Brett's hand. In no time, blood splashes were there all.

Take a look here: 


Image Credits: Tik Tok

The man shouted in pain saying that the shark bit his pinky finger. The blood-covered shark eventually lets it go as the man shouts in pain.

Man's health update

The wife of the fisherman gave a health update about man. The lady said that her husband was airlifted. However, he drove the boat in that situation back to shore himself while his wife calmed the kids down.

The man last recalled, “I tried to get a hold of him to get my hook back and got unlucky when he spun around caught the top of my hand, and got my pinky and started twisting."

Well surely the luck of the man was not with him this time.

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