New Delhi | Jagran Trending Desk: A video has been trending on Twitter in which a cat catches the ball like a pro goalkeeper, not once or twice, rather at every shoot. In the video, the little animal jumps with all its energy to catch the ball.

The video is of the YouTuber Chris Dixon and his cat, that he has claimed to be named as 'Meownuel Neuer.' Manuel Neuer is a German professional footballer, captain for both Bundesliga club Bayern Munich and the Germany national team. Though no authenticity of the cats' name has been verified as of now, the YouTuber says that he had named his cat after the name of the footballer long back.

Chris shared the video on twitter writing in the caption, "Knew to name him Meownuel Neuer was a mistake." The video was posted by Chris on Monday morning, and with less than 24 hours the video went viral all over the internet, with more than 38k retweets and 168k likes.  

The past few months have been quite dormant for the 'sport-a-holics' people, as no matches to binge on due to the global pandemic. Now, when the situation seems to get better in some parts of the world such as Germany, as various sports associations are resuming to their work just this time with empty stadiums!

Germany conducts its annual football tournament league called Bundesliga. The series is one of the first sports tournaments to resume in Europe, post the spread of COVID-19, all around the world. The tournament resumed on Saturday, 16th May, after a halt of 61 days.

The first match was bagged by the team Hertha Berlin, and they ended up celebrating for the victory. Soon after the authorities learned about the get together they reminded all the teams that the post coronavirus world has to practice social distancing as the dark clouds are still up in the sky.

Posted By: Talib Khan