New Delhi | Jagran Trending Desk: 'Animals are the potential carriers of COVID-19,' rumored up as the coronavirus infection inflamed from the wet markets in the Wuhan province of China, where animals are traded for human consumption.

This soon started a trend of abandoning pet animals, while the human world shelled up indoors as a safety measure to protect themselves from the viral infection. Most of the people freed their pets to wander on the streets without even giving it a second thought. In fact, in China people threw their pets from their buildings so that the animals don't infect them from the virus.

Though humanity seemed dead as many pets were wandering on roads, a recent tweet made by the IFS officer, Praveen Kaswan, revoked humanity again. He shared a picture on Twitter, of two migrant workers who were traveling back home with all their belonging knotted in a sheet, and with two pets in hand, a dog, and a duck.

Praveen Kaswan in his Tweet said, "The forward says this family was walking on a highway. With all the property they have. See they didn’t leave their pets behind. Here many people are abandoning them on small issues. Such a good lesson by this family."

The number of stray animals suddenly peaked up in the very first week of the lockdown as a Delhi based animal right activist, Raina Kapoor told Mongabay India, "The lockdown has affected all of us but has a very big impact on the stray animals and birds, specifically near the markets and near corporate setups”.

“The strays have no means of feeding themselves as all offices, restaurants, roadside eateries (where they had easy accessibility to food) are closed. The strays and birds are starving. They will die in such a scenario," she said. 

Posted By: Talib Khan